Cody B. (codeman38) wrote in burningeyeballs,
Cody B.

New here... and a case of bad design

I'll be glad when the town of Athens, Georgia redesigns its bus maps. Can you say 'visual clutter'?

And yes, that's a part of the system map, but the route maps can be puzzling as well. Take, for instance, the map of Route 26— not too bad, until you try to figure out which time points on the schedule match up with which on the map. And I find it hard to coordinate points on a city map with the route maps, because the streets are both out of scale and lacking sufficient context.

Suffice it to say that the webmaster of the bus system's site agrees with me that these maps are in major need of improvement. And there's hope yet: the maps will have to be redrawn in at least some manner when the transfer station is moved this fall. Let's just hope it's for the better, and not for the worse!
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