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LiveJournal for burn, eyeballs, burn. bad graphic design..

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Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Subject:Фотобанки, бесплатный и платный клипарт
Posted by:im_rellas.
Time:4:46 pm.
Здравствуйте, в интересах вашего сообщества я нашел совпадения со своими интересами. Хочу вас пригласить посетить сайт aboutstock.ru, на котором подробно описывается работа с фотобанками и микростоками мира, продажа фотографий через интернет. На сайте есть много статей, в разделе статьи по фотобанкам.

Кроме того на сайте есть бесплатный фотобанк, в котором вы можете найти клипарты для иллюстрирования ваших блогов, сайтов и т.д.

Спасибо за внимание.
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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Subject:when bureaucrats try to do branding...
Posted by:warren8472.
Time:9:55 am.
For those people from Boston who come to visit New York City: yes, our city officials are clueless idiots.

For anyone with any design sense who come to visit New York City: yes, our city officials are clueless idiots.

New York Times: Reviews Trickle In for New Taxi Logo

New York Times: X Marks the Spot and Back to ‘Bullets’

New York magazine: The Second Avenue Subway Is Brought to You by the Letter T

MBTA (a/k/a the Boston subway system) home page (which, interestingly, is much cleaner than the NYC MTA's site)

(btw, post #95 on "X Marks The Spot..." is mine.)
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Saturday, July 8th, 2006

Subject:Worst Album Covers Ever.
Posted by:thecause.
Time:11:05 pm.
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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Subject:hey lets cut out pictures and put them on a cd cover!
Posted by:thecause.
Time:11:38 pm.
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Sunday, September 4th, 2005

Subject:How bad graphic design helped decide the Presidency.
Posted by:thecause.
Time:1:22 pm.
This article is dated, but the information is still relevant in theory. If you don't think bad design affects you, give this article a read on how bad design in the world can affect something as important as an election.
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Saturday, July 9th, 2005

Subject:New here... and a case of bad design
Posted by:codeman38.
Time:2:13 am.

I'll be glad when the town of Athens, Georgia redesigns its bus maps. Can you say 'visual clutter'?

And yes, that's a part of the system map, but the route maps can be puzzling as well. Take, for instance, the map of Route 26— not too bad, until you try to figure out which time points on the schedule match up with which on the map. And I find it hard to coordinate points on a city map with the route maps, because the streets are both out of scale and lacking sufficient context.

Suffice it to say that the webmaster of the bus system's site agrees with me that these maps are in major need of improvement. And there's hope yet: the maps will have to be redrawn in at least some manner when the transfer station is moved this fall. Let's just hope it's for the better, and not for the worse!
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Friday, July 8th, 2005

Subject:I am probably going to get hell from this but here goes!
Posted by:thecause.
Time:4:44 pm.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So going beyond the obvious political message in the design, it is that design in which I want to emphasize. For a rant on Graphic Design politics go here.

The font is horrible, and hard to read. It is loopy as to give you the impression it is impressive. I am not impressed. The colors with that glossy fade affect makes it look cheap.

Finally the medium. It is a magnet. Support our troops today and take it off tommorow? Who came up with these damn things? Why does patriotism have to look so ugly? At least the United States flag isn't this ugly.
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Subject:user info page modifided
Posted by:thecause.
Time:4:34 pm.
added to user info page :

design in any form is accepted with an emphasis on still images.
ie. billboards, busboards, direct mail, displays, magazines, newspapers, outdoor and transit, yellow pages, speciality - books, key chains, computer mouse, mugs, etc.
webdesign is accepted too, but not emphasized as much as it is at badwebdesign.

remember the design, google it, then share it with us.

communities dedicated to
bad design :
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Friday, July 1st, 2005

Subject:Just got this email... and it burned my entire body.
Posted by:thecause.
Time:5:04 pm.
Subject: Livejournal.........

Please Just take a look at this site I spent a lot of time on it and
even donating $1.00 for a good cause will help



What gets me on this is the individual claims to have spent a lot of time on the site.
Not only did they host it on geocities, but the link itself was typed incorrectly.
www.geocities.com/mac_donation instead is should be http://www.geocities.com/mac_donation
The reply from me....?

a lot of time spent on it? i have crapped more
creative turds!

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Thursday, June 30th, 2005

Posted by:zang.
Time:10:22 am.
Ladies and gentleman,

I present to you zombiefans.com.

If that doesn't burn your eyes out, I don't know what will.
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Subject:Why Designs Burn Our Eyes
Posted by:thecause.
Time:4:45 am.
"When people make excuses for poor design, they reveal a lot about a corporate culture, as well as about their own beliefs and the level of personal responsibility they feel for a product’s success."
- Seven deadly excuses for poor design.
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Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

Subject:Minding Design.
Posted by:thecause.
Time:9:49 am.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this book inspired this community. i am a librarian and i had to shelve this book. i am left wondering if the person that designed the cover actually paid for the design they threw together in fifteen minutes? or maybe they did their own design. who needs graphic designers these days when you can check out a book and graphic design professionally in fifteen minutes?

how could anyone get away with using so blatantly obvious photoshop filters? lensflare. outerglow. clouds... and my favorite some variation of a felt filter on the truck. only one person i know of could get away with using felt.

the fonts? horrible. something of the comic sans base. fonts like comic sans should be flogged and then burned.

i counted three fonts on the entire outer book cover. they must think the more fonts you add, the more design you have.

nothing could save this book design, nothing. maybe you could take all the elements and put it into adobe illustrator.. maybe.. but definately fire the designer, make a new design.
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LiveJournal for burn, eyeballs, burn. bad graphic design..

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You're looking at the latest 12 entries.