thecause (thecause) wrote in burningeyeballs,

Minding Design.

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this book inspired this community. i am a librarian and i had to shelve this book. i am left wondering if the person that designed the cover actually paid for the design they threw together in fifteen minutes? or maybe they did their own design. who needs graphic designers these days when you can check out a book and graphic design professionally in fifteen minutes?

how could anyone get away with using so blatantly obvious photoshop filters? lensflare. outerglow. clouds... and my favorite some variation of a felt filter on the truck. only one person i know of could get away with using felt.

the fonts? horrible. something of the comic sans base. fonts like comic sans should be flogged and then burned.

i counted three fonts on the entire outer book cover. they must think the more fonts you add, the more design you have.

nothing could save this book design, nothing. maybe you could take all the elements and put it into adobe illustrator.. maybe.. but definately fire the designer, make a new design.
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